I’m a web developer (with an eye for design), a puzzle solver who loves nothing better than finding an elegant solution to a sticky problem.

Most of my development during 2016 has been in WordPress, with all the PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that comes with building a custom site.

Change Happens

A responsive WordPress site built for, and designed by, life coach Donna Agajanian. There are a number of buttons and forms that integrate with ChangeHappens' AWeber email campaigns.

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Above and Beyond Learning Group

A new feature for a Curio Electro site, the map of New Jersey counties serves as navigation to their corresponding pages. By creating an image map in Illustrator, I was able to achieve a hover effect for each county.

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Form and Function

A responsive WordPress site designed by Curio Electro. The site was custom-built using the Genesis Framework's PHP hooks and functions, HTML, and CSS.

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Stanhope NJ

A responsive WordPress site designed by Curio Electro and custom-built using the Genesis Framework's PHP hooks and functions, HTML, and CSS. The project incorporates a custom JavaScript control to allow users to persistently resize body type, the Tribe Events Calendar plugin, and a large Uber Menu.

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Carla Lobmier

A responsive site built for fine artist Carla Lobmier, using the Zurb Foundation 6 framework, Gulp, Bower, HTML5, and Sass-flavor CSS.

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Lustre Jewels

A single-page, responsive WordPress site designed by Curio Electro. The site was custom-built in 4 days using the Genesis Framework's PHP hooks and functions, HTML, and CSS.

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Kousouros Law

A responsive WordPress site built for Criminal Defense Attorney James Kousouros. Designed by Donna Agajanian, the site was completely customized using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery.

With WordPress, I was able to deliver a site that the client could maintain and add to without having to call a developer for every little thing.

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Casabella Interiors

A responsive WordPress site designed by Curio Electro. The site was custom-built using the Genesis Framework's PHP hooks and functions, HTML, and CSS.

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Annie Rehill

A responsive WordPress site built for writer and translator Annie Rehill.

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Wild Diner

Final project for the General Assembly Web Development Immersive (an intensive 13-week, 80-hours-per-week course, which I completed in October 2014).

Conceived and built solo in 11 days, Wild Diner's content is user-generated—a site for food foragers to share their finds. It is built with Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL, JavaScript and jQuery.

The new challenge of the project was learning to consume the Javascript GoogleMaps API. The map is pinned with locations from the database (which is seeded with data around upstate New York). When a pin is clicked, a modal pops up with information about that particular event.

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Before becoming a web developer, I spent my working life in magazine production—collaborating with designers to make their pages clean and functional, and with editors to facilitate their workflow. All InDesign, all the time, I was the go-to girl in town for a set of templates that had everything they needed and nothing they didn’t, were easy to use, and easy to change.

National Magazines

I’ve been elected President of the Board of my 84-unit co-op 4 times (with happy residents and staff), I was an unusually punctual grunge-rocker for years (creating a rehearsal space and recording studio), and I recently wrote a JavaScript algorithm to count the stitches in a knitting project (40,004, by the way).

I've worked with Lisa on dozens of projects, both professional and personal. She is my go-to developer.

Lisa's nature is aligned with the qualities that make a great collaborator. She is a problem solver, open to exploring new ideas, up to any challenge and determined to get it right. What more could I ask for?

Thank you, Lisa.

Donna Agajanian, Life Coach and former Art Director

Lisa is a fabulous developer. She's incredibly detail-oriented and she understands the rules of design, which allows me to hand off a concept to her without having to explain every last detail. Because of her experience in production, she's been working with designers for a very long time—and it shows.

She's personable, extremely reliable and cares about the end product. An absolute gem. I would recommend her to any designer or creative agency.

Nicole Heymer, Curio Electro

Lisa is wonderful to work with. She is supremely detail-oriented and has a great eye for design. This is quite important to a fine artist showcasing paintings. High marks for Lisa!

Carla Lobmier, Visual Artist/Teaching Artist

I wanted to modernize my husband’s website, and I chose Lisa to build him a new one. I chose her despite the fact that she was, at the time, brand new to this work. I picked her because it was clear from the start that her meticulous and analytical nature was going to make up for any deficit she had in experience. And it did in spades! She created an outstanding website that is a huge draw to potential clients and the envy of colleagues.

Lisa also brings to the table a thorough understanding of the importance of design and the easy flow of information, and she is always helpful in suggesting additional ways to treat an issue or tweak an element. All this, and she’s a pleasure to work with. I recommend Lisa Wells wholeheartedly.

Debra Kousouros, The Law Offices of James Kousouros

Lisa redesigned and rebuilt an existing website with which I was happy, but that needed updating. I had to make a lot of decisions about aspects I did not understand, and she was a patient and thorough guide throughout the process. She met our agreed-upon deadlines at the agreed-upon price, and I was and remain delighted with the result. Diligent, good-humored, and focused, Lisa is a hard worker who goes above and beyond as her standard modus operandi.

Annie Rehill, Scholar/Translator